Sunday, November 11, 2012

Voice Thread in the classroom

This week's voice thread lesson really grabbed my attention. I love the ease of using this tool. It also provides another outlet for students to express their thoughts and to be assessed. I chose to comment on Julia's  and Wen's voice threads. Both had wonderful images on their voice threads to go with their lessons.

Julia's STEAL acronym was a great reference and provided so much information for the students. I really liked that we were given the option to use a short story or story that we read in class or one that we read on our own. I think that simple choice appealed to all since some may not have been interested in the stories read in class but could still be a part of the lesson by using a story that they had read outside of class.

Wen's voice thread used a lot of visuals to tell John's story about his high cholesterol. Even if a student did not have his/her own suggestions to offer to John from the beginning he/she could use the food pyramid chart to come up with suggestions. I liked the visual aid to help those that may need it.

Voice thread is a great tool to use, especially for those that may not be comfortable in participating in class.

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  1. You chose 2 very different Voicethreads, but they illustrate the fact that the teacher is only limited by his/her own creativity in using tech tools to help students meet certain objectives.