Monday, November 19, 2012


        Epals is an awesome website to connect with other language learners around the world. Using Epals, students are able to globally collaborate with other students by working on projects and sending emails, just to name a few. By looking at the join project section of the website, you can search for a project that appeals to your group of learners. You can then join that project, where the students can be on the other side of the globe! What a great learning experience for everyone involved!!

        Using the Epals website you can also look under find classroom to find a class that you would like to invite to join your project. In this section, the classrooms are easy to read- you can instantly see where they are located, the age group, how many are in the class and what languages they speak.
         The learning center part of the website has an array of games, discussions and activities for students to use with others around the globe. There is even a common core implementation center for teachers to use. Here you can share and use projects and resources that incorporate the common core state standards.  
          I love all of the features that this site offers! My students can learn from native speakers as well as teach them things about our culture and language.
         For my beginning Spanish-language learning students, I can join a project where they can exchange emails with Spanish speaking students in Europe. Through this project, they can discuss their school days, specific cultural traits of their language and compare and contrast the two languages. This will not only expand their knowledge of the language and culture but it will also allows for language practice through writing. We could even use voice thread to converse back and forth rather than just using email. This would be a great way to practice the spoken language and work on comprehension!


  1. I hope you get to try out some of these features with your own students.

  2. Your students can also see the work of native speakers. Here's a favorite of mine, a group of upper elementary students from Mexico who made a series of PowerPoints and movies to share various aspects of their community. One powerPoint is on Dia de los Muertos. One movie is a visit to Don Javier's bakery.

    Here's a Florida teacher who worked with a teacher in Colombia:

    I hope that you can post of the best work of YOUR students for worldwide viewing in ePals someday!